Reassembly of pallets

The pallet is one of the most important elements in exportation. Generally, it is used as a support for goods, as it facilitates the lifting and handling of the load.

There are wooden pallets, plastic pallets, and pallets made from other materials such as cardboard or particle board. They can also be classified based on their durability.

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Temporary storage

Temporary storage is related to warehouses that are typically rented for a specific period of time. However, this type of storage is not limited only to a short time frame. It can also be used for a longer period, even several years.

Temporary storage allows companies to have a consistently available space for their goods, enabling them to better organize the delivery and optimize the space usage. It’s not restricted solely by the size of their warehouse or storage facility.


In the field of logistics, picking or order picking is the process of gathering materials by extracting individual units or packaged assemblies from a higher-level packaging unit that contains more units than the ones being extracted. Generally, it’s the process of collecting materials by opening a packaging unit.


Packing is the process of packaging, wrapping, and packing a product. It’s the phase that follows picking.

Choosing the appropriate type of wrapping for the product and using filling materials to protect the content from potential damage (bubble wrap, airbags, tissue paper, foam protection, cushions, etc.). This process takes into consideration the product’s characteristics (fragility, shape, size, weight, etc.) and the mode of transportation (land, air, or sea).

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